👋 Clubhouse Basics: How To Use Your Clubhouse App Part 1...

published on 18 January 2021

The absolute Clubhouse basics...

Clubhouse App is the new drop-in audio chat application that’s captivating users all across the globe. At the present moment, January the 18th 2021, Clubhouse is invite-only and has been described by several users as a podcast that anyone can engage in. 

Clubhouse consists of the following segments: 

The Clubhouse Hallway:

The hallway is the first section a user will see when they first log in. Within its display, users will find all the rooms related to their interests and accounts they follow, as well as a top menu bar, a reminder of the upcoming scheduled events, and a bottom menu bar for initiating a room of their own.

The Clubhouse Top Menu:

Ordered from left to right:

  • The search feature which allows you to search for other users by username or keywords in their profiles. (Yes, Clubhouse has some internal SEO to it) 
  • The invite system which allows you to invite your friends! 
  • The calendar which gives you access to all upcoming events that have been scheduled
  • The notifications section where you’ll notified about instances where you've been followed and or pinged by those you follow towards on-going events. 
  • Your profile consisting of your picture and bio.

The Clubhouse Search Function:

Clubhouse maintains its own internal search engine which allows you to search for both people & clubs. 

Search is done by keywords and your keywords can be anything, and will search both a user’s name and their profile. 

Users can put in a common interest, country flag, or anything else you can think of to find the people or clubs they’re looking for.

The Clubhouse Calendar:

The calendar is Clubhouse's event listing page that anyone can add to. 

It consists of the time and title of the event. 

If a club is hosting the event, you’ll see that below next to the green ‘house’ icon.

You'll also find a brief event description listed next to the event itself. 

Clubhouse Event Descriptions:

Tapping on the event itself will get you onto the event description screen. 

Your four options there will be:

  • Sharing the event which will bring up the iOS share widget, which allows you to share the link through things like text messages, Whatsapp or other messaging apps. 
  • Tweeting the link, which will compose a tweet for you including the public event link.
  • Copying the link which will copy the URL and show information about your event to the public.
  • Adding the event to your calendar, which will allow you to add the event to your favourite scheduling app so that you don’t forget about it!

Creating A Clubhouse Event:

"Clubhousers" can also create their own events by tapping the plus icon in the top right. 

To create an event you'll need to address the following: 

Event Name, hence the name that your event will show up within the calendar.

Add a co-host or guest; hence the section which allows you to add other people to your event.

Date/Time; hence an indication of when your event is happening.

Host Club; hence the option which allows you to set the Club that the room will run under from the plethora of Clubs that you have rights to create rooms for.

Description; hence the short description of your event that will appear in the event listing.

After you put all these in, press the Publish button in the top right corner and you’re good to go!

Clubhouse Notifications

Tapping the notifications bell will get you the following:

The notifications feed will display the following:

  • Rooms that others have pinged you in
  • Rooms started by those you follow
  • Individuals who have followed you or your friends
  • People who have followed one of your own clubs

Your Clubhouse Profile

The final icon in the top menu bar will your profile's icon.

A profile contains the following information:

  • Profile picture (just tap on it to change it)
  • A full name, and username
  • Follows & follower counts
  • Profile bio information.
  • Twitter and Instagram call to actions, for those who have linked those services to their Clubhouse account. (Optional)
  • Join date, and the person who nominated/invited the user (if nominated by someone)

Below the main profile information, you will also see a collection of Clubhouse clubs that your profile / the user is involved with.

Swiping left and right on the club listing will display more if they don’t all fit on the screen. A detailed explainer on clubs to come soon!

More to come in the 2nd part of Clubhouse 101 guide...

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