✌ Clubhouse App coming out on Android by Spring?!?

updated on 15 March 2021

In a blog post released recently, Clubhouse announced that it as secured a 2nd round of funding led by Andreessen Horowitz.

Clubhouse Android App
Clubhouse Android App

Clubhouse intends to use the injection of funds to introduce new products, including an Android app to bring the audio-only app to a much wider audience.

As per the latest rumours, Clubhouse is expected to release their Android App on the Google Playstore by Spring 2021...

In addition to the Android app, Clubhouse intends to use the funds to further scale its tech, infrastructure and servers. Their aim is to offer faster support to users, improve ranking and discovery, and introduce what they're calling the Creator Grant Program, oriented around supporting creators on the platform.

The Creator Grant Program is intended around further incentivizing new creators to hop onto the platform and also help the platform make some money in the process.

As of now, Clubhouse is free for all users and it isn’t supported by ads.

Clubhouse’s latest announcement on its Android expansion comes a few weeks after Twitter started testing a Clubhouse competitor, called Spaces.

Twitter Spaces...
Twitter Spaces...

Twitter’s Spaces allows users to create a “Space” for their followers and other users on the platform to speak with other like-minded individuals.

As of now, the feature is only available to a select group of Twitter users and the company hasn’t revealed any details about a wider rollout.

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