👋 Clubhouse App Blowing Up In Germany!?!

published on 23 January 2021

Clubhouse, A Hyped-Up Audio-Networking App, Is Thriving In Germany

Clubhouse App
Clubhouse App

With more people using digital communications tools during COVID, there's one audio-only app that's rapidly growing in Germany.

Clubhouse is an app that only supports audio communication, and its popularity has been on the rise for a few months now, especially in Germany where it took the number one spot for most downloaded apps for iPhone this week.

The users on Clubhouse are relatively small compared with other social media platforms. That's because the app works on an invite-only basis at the moment. Nevertheless, celebrities and prominent figures are some of the earliest users of the app.

Grant Cardone on Clubhouse?!?
Grant Cardone on Clubhouse?!?

Clubhouse is all about authenticity and meaningful conversations. It is closely similar to podcasts except that it offers a live and a more interactive experience.

Depending on a topic of choice, users can set up rooms for anyone with an account to join.

The hosts run the rooms and decide who can speak, so if you're a listener and you want to pitch in your thoughts, all you have to is to raise your hand up.

Thousands of listeners join discussions and popular topics every day, especially in rooms with celebrity hosts.

What made Clubhouse successful in Germany?

Clubhouse In Germany...
Clubhouse In Germany...

There are so many topics and ongoing discussions to be part of, whether it's music or business.

Clubhouse is famous for its intimate and unscripted style of communication.

Christian Lindner, the Free Democratic Party Leader, is one of the first politicians in Germany to join the platform.

The app is great because politicians and social media icons can invite users to an exclusive room where they can talk directly with each other.

Audio forms of media like podcasts are growing very fast, especially in the past decade, and this explains why Clubhouse was such a big hit in such a short amount of time.

One of the biggest reasons why Clubhouse went viral is because the invite-only policy drove fear of missing out among the masses. With popular celebrities making their way in to the app, users knew that they had to join and be part of the action.

Clubhouse certainly made its presence felt and is still making waves across social media. Whether it turns out to be a fad or the highlight of 2021, no one can deny the originality and the benefit of having an app that advocates freedom of speech.

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