👋 Clubhouse App Invite | Is It Worth It?

published on 20 January 2021

Many are currently looking for Clubhouse App Invites...

Within this post, we're going to dissect whether it's actually worth it...

First and foremost, let's begin with a quick introduction on what the Clubhouse App is: 

Clubhouse is an invite-only app for those super-casual, drop-in audio chats. 

When users open the app, they'll have access to rooms full of people talking—all open for them to hop in and out, moving conversations. 

It's an app to meet with friends and network with new people all around the world— an app to tell stories, ask questions, debate, and learn.

Who is Clubhouse for?

Clubhouse was built for everyone and the team is evidently working to open it up to the world as fast as possible. 

The fact that they've made the beta invite only shows exactly how much care they're putting into the platform - the "beta tranche" method allows them to scale their user base step by step whilst also maintaining utmost control over the quality of the userbase and their conversations. 

Is Clubhouse Worth It? 

It depends on what you're looking for... 

Clubhouse is full of different conversations happening from hour to hour. 

It all depends on your ability to find the conversations that are right for you, and you're ability to engage with them productively. 

Personally speaking, we over at Clubhouse Influence, see Clubhouse as a collection of podcasts with which you can actively engange with. 

Imagine listening to a Gary V podcast, having a question or wanting Gary to expand upon a certain topic further, 

Now imagine having the ability to "raise your hand" and LITERALLY ask Gary the question you have...

And that's Clubhouse. 

Clubhouse App
Clubhouse App

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