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published on 19 January 2021

What is up guys, today we're going to be showing Clubhouse App users how to set up a Clubhouse App Club. As per Clubhouseguide.com, there's currently a high volume of club requests right now, so the focus is being placed on clubs for people who have already hosted a weekly show 3 times. It's important to also note that the allowance at the given moment, as of January 15th 2020, is at 1 club per person.

For those who have yet to start hosting a weekly show/room, we recommend that you do just that!

Hosting rooms is incredibly simple, all you need is a speaker, a topic & a trusted mod who is going to be in charge of elevating & monitoring speakers, as well as "refreshing" the room every 10-15 minutes in an effort to bring all the new listeners up to speed with regards to what's currently being discussed.

As per Clubhouseguide.com & the latest Clubhouse App town hall meetings, self serve Club creation is on its way and should be made available to all clubhouse users within the upcoming weeks.

Note that you can also check out existing clubs by doing what's called a "Club search".

Just type in the topic you're loo king for and enjoy the plethora of readily joinable pre-existing clubs.

You can apply for a Clubhouse club by filling out the official Club Request Form via this link: https://airtable.com/shrq9KTNSdXKotx9b

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