5 Tips On How To Use The Clubhouse App For Entrepreneurs: A Quick Guide on how to use the platform as an Entrepreneur or Business Owner.

published on 21 January 2021

What is Clubhouse: 

Briefly put: Clubhouse is an audio-based social media app that allows you to jump in and out of different chats, on different subjects.

It's something alike to a live, free-flowing podcast, where you have the ability to either, simply listen or throw in your thoughts. 

The entrepreneurial scene is currently BIG on the Clubhouse App with numerous rooms running daily on both macro entrepreneurial subjects such as Mindset, Goals & Motivations and micro subjects: such as technical marketing topics, accounting, partnership strategies etc. 

Clubhouse App Entrepreneurs
Clubhouse App Entrepreneurs

Who is on Clubhouse:

Several key entrepreneurial figures have ALREADY hopped onto the app, with Grant Cardone, Tai Lopez, and even Gary Vee jumping in-between rooms and hosting their own chats. 

Clubhouse App Gary Vaynerchuk
Clubhouse App Gary Vaynerchuk

Some key tips for the entrepreneurs & business owners looking to make the MOST out of their Clubhouse App experience: 

  • Optimize your bio: Make sure your bio is descriptive of what you do, what your company does and who you are as this will not only allow other users to find through Clubhouse's internal search engine, but will also give people a clear idea to who you are, and what you offer. 
  • Get a cool profile picture (of yourself): Make sure to use a profile photo of yourself and not your company's logo. Clubhouse is an app revolving around people and not companies, so give users the ability to connect with you on a human to human level. 
  • Optimize your socials: Clubhouse's call to action buttons are currently limited with users have the ability to either link their twitter or their Instagram profile. Make sure your CTAs are well optimized so that you're funneling traffic the right way as opposed to wasting it. 
  • Host rooms centered around your competencies: One of the best strategies ANY entrepreneur or business owner can run on Clubhouse is hosting daily & consistent rooms centered around their personal/their business' competencies. Accountants should run daily rooms showing other business owners how take care of their accounting issues, marketeers should run rooms showing OTHER entrepreneurs how to market, and so on. 
  • Join other's rooms centered around your competencies: In addition to running your OWN room, entrepreneurs can join other's peoples room and provide on discussed topics as co-mods. The only point of caution that we'd advise you take care of is avoiding answering questions on which you have no track-record, as accountability is KEY. 

Hope you found this article of value) 

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