👋 Grant Cardone's Clubhouse Speaker Profile - Who is Grant Cardone on Clubhouse

published on 22 February 2021

Who is Grant Cardone:

Grant Cardone on Clubhouse
Grant Cardone on Clubhouse

As per Grant Cardone's website, he is not only a best-selling author but also a speaker, and entrepreneur who has worked in real estate and the automotive industry.

In addition to the above Grant is also a real estate mogul who has successfully built a $1.9 billion portfolio of multifamily properties entirely from scratch.

Many know of Grant Cardone either through his Facebook Ad strategy where he promotes either his 10x course, book or conference or his multitude of content across Youtube.

Just about everybody in the entrepreneurial likes & respects Grant but some find his aggressive marketing tactics a little disturbing.

Take this Reddit post, for example:

"All day every day, via different methods gimmicks all that guy (or his marketing team) does is send emails to join his so called Cardone University.

Every. Damn. Day. Five times a day that guy tries to sell his stuff University by clickbaiting titles like "5000$ worth of courses for free" accompanied by a payment of 100$ for accessing the material."

Grant Cardone's Clubhouse Talk Style:

Grant Cardone, alike to JT Foxx is a very direct speaker. You'll often find him quickly cutting through the BS in all business-related talks & questions. It's super rare to see him close deals in rooms and he hosts a much more laid-back promotional approach as opposed to most other business influencers on Clubhouse.

Grant Cardone Clubhouse Controversy:

Up to now, there's been no controversy whatsoever related to Grant Cardone.

Grant Cardone's Rooms:

Grant Cardone Clubhouse Rooms
Grant Cardone Clubhouse Rooms

Grant Cardone is frequently found joining & adding value in other people's Clubhouse rooms as opposed to running his own.

He'll generally join other business & entrepreneurial-related rooms and share value-based directly of his extensive experience.

He's frequently found answering questions related to:

  • "How can I scale my business?"
  • Property & Real Estate,
  • Business Psychology,
  • Motivation,

Lastly, in addition to all the above, he is amongst the only speakers/Clubhouse influencers who can be found joining rooms with wife, Elena Cardone (Clubhouse Speaker Profile coming soon). They can be frequently found co-discussing topics related to families & entrepreneurship. 

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