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published on 29 January 2021

Who is JT Foxx:

JT Foxx Clubhouse 
JT Foxx Clubhouse 

JT Foxx is a Canadian born US-based business & success coach.

Aside from what's provided on his own website, itโ€™s pretty difficult to find a lot of information about him online, but according to his own website, heโ€™s a coach, investor and maintains ownership in over 50 companies.

Many know of JT Foxx through his speaking events.

Many also proclaim that he is a very skilful salesperson and is highly persuasive.

However, despite his strong business acumen, many seem to dislike his big ego and constant indulgence in self-flattery.

JT Foxx's Clubhouse Talk Style:

JT is a very direct speaker. You'll often find him quickly cutting through the BS in all business related talks & questions, and closing deals in rooms. He is humorous at times, and will typically engage in questions related to business strategy & coaching.

JT Foxx Clubhouse Controversy:

There was once an instance, where JT Foxx was shamed publicly by 20+ women in a room targeted against him, where he was blamed for interacting with women in an alleged misogynistic manner.

The matter was resolved, however, with JT Foxx joining the room and personally apologizing.

JT Foxx's Rooms:

JT Foxx Clubhouse Room
JT Foxx Clubhouse Room

JT Foxx is frequently found running rooms titled as "No BS Business Scaling" and "Pitch Your Business To Millionaires"...

He'll generally pack the rooms with other acclaimed millionaires and run so-called Q&A rounds, where audience members can raise their hands to be elevated onto the stage and ask a question regarding their business.

Frequently heard questions include:

"How can I scale my business?"

"My business is currently at X revenue and Y profit, is anybody interested to invest for Z equity stake?"


The responses are generally helpful & constructive, but there are instances where it feels like even the mods (including JT Foxx) are too bored to answer, primarily due to the repetitiveness of the questions...

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